Collaborate Easier with Comments

SmartDraw helps your teams capture and share information using diagrams and collaborate on projects and initiatives of all sizes.

With SmartDraw's new comment system, you can now easily share feedback and ideas with your team right inside SmartDraw. Share your diagram and your team can add comments to any shape easily. Your visual will be a single source of truth and the springboard for discussion even if you all work remotely.

Add Comments

To add a comment, right-click on any shape and choose "Add Comment."

Alternatively, select a shape, go to the Insert tab and click on "Comment."

Add Comment

See Everyone's Comments on a Shape

When a user adds a comment, the name they're logged in with and time of the comment will be preserved and added to a comment stream.

You can see all the comments on a shape by clicking on the blue comment icon in the lower right of the shape.

Access comments by clicking on the blue comment icon

Navigating All Shapes with Comments

You can also access all the shapes with comments in a diagram using the Comments Tab.

Once comments have been added to your diagram, a Comments tab will appear in the SmartPanel to the left of your drawing area.

The Comments tab will show the latest comment on every shape in the document that has a comment. Each comment in this panel represents a shape in the diagram.

Only the latest comment is shown for each shape.

You can navigate between shapes by clicking on a comment in the panel.

Selecting a comment will open a pop up showing you the entire comment thread over the relevant shape.

Comments tab

Share Your Diagram with Your Team

Comments are just one piece of what makes SmartDraw an ideal tool for collaborating with your team.

You can easily share diagrams with your team using shared folders or by emailing them a link.

Once a diagram is shared, you team members can read comments and add their own.

SmartDraw also works with some of the common tools you may already be using to work together like Google Drive, Confluence, OneDrive®, and more. Read about all of SmartDraw's integrations here.

Create common folders
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