Create Custom Templates with SmartDraw

SmartDraw now lets you create custom templates to share with your team. This powerful feature helps you maintain a common standard across multiple users and ensure that your entire team uses the same symbols and branding as they collaborate on complex projects.

Custom Templates

Saving a Diagram as a Custom Template

You can save any diagram you created to be used as a template for your team. When your template is ready just choose "Save as" and select "SmartDraw Template" from the document type drop-down.

Your diagram will be saved as a template along with any docked libraries.

Save it to a shared folder or shared drive to share it with your team.

Save As Template

Accessing Custom Templates

Custom templates are denoted with a special template icon in the lower right corner so you can tell them apart from other saved documents. Opening a custom template will work like other templates in SmartDraw, you'll never overwrite the original, but instead work from a copy.

Save As Template
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