Improved Spacing Controls for Org Charts, Flowcharts, and More

We added new controls to common diagrams to make it easier to space shapes and create aesthetically pleasing and professional visuals.

Easier to Arrange Shapes on an Organizational Chart or Mind Map

When you create an organizational chart or mind map with SmartDraw, new shapes are automatically connected to other shapes at regular intervals using a special line we call an "automatic connector."

Even as you move or delete shapes, the chart will heal itself and rearrange the remaining shapes automatically.

If you need to adjust this automatic spacing to create less or more space between branches there are new controls to help you.

When you select a shape, you'll now see green icons in the upper left corner. One will have an up and down arrow and the other left and right arrow. Click on either icon and without letting go of your mouse drag them up or down or left or right to adjust the spacing of that particular branch relative to the other branches either above or to the side of the selected shape.

Organizational chart controls

Finer Controls for Flowcharts

Flowchart shapes are also connected using automatic connectors. Let's say you need to adjust the space between two steps, select the step to right so you can see the green left and right arrow appear in the upper left corner.

As you hover over the icon, you'll notice that your cursor turns into a left and right arrow. Click and without letting go of the mouse, drag the shape into its desired position. Doing so will not disconnect the shape from the flow. You will simply adjust the space between the two steps.

You can do the same to adjust the space vertically between two rows of shapes.

Flowchart controls

Improved Cause and Effect Spacing

Using the new controls, you can now also adjust the vertical spacing of the branches from the main fishbone spine on cause and effect diagrams.

Click on one of the boxes representing a cause so you can see the green up and down arrow icon. Click and drag the box to the desired height of the branch. All branches in the cause and effect diagram will adjust accordingly.

Flowchart controls
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