Improved Symbol Search

SmartDraw has thousands of symbols to make diagrams of all kinds. You can now search all these symbols more easily with our redesigned search experience.

Search for Any Symbol

Each SmartDraw template comes with a SmartPanel docked to the left of the drawing area. This panel contains all the relevant tools and most commonly used symbols needed to create that specific diagram.

For diagrams that require a large variety of symbols like floor plans, landscape designs, AWS diagrams, and others, it would be impossible to guess every symbol you'll need to complete your visual.

To help you find just the right symbol for any diagram, this update makes it easier to search SmartDraw's extensive symbol collection and pin any combination of custom symbol sets to your drawing.

Simply click on the blue "Search symbols" text at the top of the SmartPanel to open the Symbols tab with a search bar. Type any keyword and hit enter or click the magnifying glass to search.

Search for symbols

Pin New Symbol Sets to Your Diagram

The search results will be grouped by the libraries they were found in. Only the symbols that match the keyword will be shown.

You can drag and drop any of the found symbols from this panel right into your drawing.

You can also add any combination of the found symbols to use later in your diagram to the main SmartPanel.

To add only the symbols that matched the search from a specific library, click on the three dots next to the library's name and select "Add result ."

You can also pin that entire library by selecting "Add library ".

You can add as many results and libraries as you like.

Add results and libraries

If you want to add every symbol a query returned as a custom set, click the star icon to the right of the search field. This will group all the found symbols into a single set and dock that to your diagram.

To undo the grouping, just click the star icon again.

Combine search results

Browsing Your Pinned Symbols

Any result you pin will appear in the list of libraries in the Symbols section of the SmartPanel. You can scroll through them or use the carats (small black arrows to the right of the name) to expand and collapse any library.

Click the X to unpin the library from the SmartPanel.

You can drag libraries up and down the stack to reorder them.

Pinned symbols
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