Get the Added Security of Two-Factor Authentication

Your data is important to you and that's important to us. SmartDraw helps your team collaborate on sensitive projects, documents your organization's best practices and processes, and more.

SmartDraw regularly performs many rigorous audits and tests to secure your data on our servers, but in this age of phishing and identity theft, many of you want additional security when accessing your account.

This is why SmartDraw now supports two types of Two-Factor Authentication (TFA): Google Authenticator and Authy.

TFA requires two successive factors to access your account: your existing password and a unique verification code generated on your mobile phone.

To enable it, login to your account and click on "Account Security".

Choose which TFA method you prefer and follow the instructions to set up your account.

Turning on Two-Factor Authentication is entirely optional, but we recommend it to anyone concerned about account security. Have the peace of mind of an added layer of defense by using two-factor authentication on your SmartDraw Account.

Enable two-factor authentication
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