SmartDraw Makes Lean Diagramming Leaner

SAN DIEGO, CA - Can Lean get leaner? The folks at SmartDraw Software think so, and have rolled out a new set of tools they believe will make creating Lean diagrams faster and easier than ever. Read more

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Customer Profiles

BBK Worldwide Adopts SmartDraw's Visual Solutions Company-Wide

See how SmartDraw can create substantial, measurable, and immediate ROI.
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Accounting and Finance

Financial Consultant Helps Clients Get the Picture with SmartDraw

Project Management

Consultant Goes Beyond the 'Influence of Microsoft'; Showing Clients the Big Picture with SmartDraw

Nokia Siemens Uses SmartDraw to Help its Long-Term Clients Visualize Success

Creative SmartDraw Use Nets Firm 150:1 Return on Investment


Recruiting Firm Gets Visual; Wins More Clients with SmartDraw

SmartDraw Adds Sizzle to Boring PowerPoint® Presentations

Owner of Online Business Directory Creates Sales & Marketing Materials with SmartDraw

SmartDraw Transforms Corporate Image of Consulting Firm, Saves Thousands in Graphic Design Fees

Ringing SmartDraw for Customer Service Call Diagrams

Marketing Guru Taps SmartDraw to Enhance PowerPoint® Presentations for Clients


Using SmartDraw, Consultant Helps Doctors Visualize their Perfect Electronic Medical Records System


From Personnel Confusion to Clarity: Kelso Police Department Uses SmartDraw to Create Citywide Organizational Chart

Creating Gantt Charts and Timelines for Litigation


SmartDraw Helps Missionary Cross the Language Barrier, Communicate with Tribal People

Drawing Undivided Attention In Undergrad Mathematics

Creating Award-Winning Posters & Presentations for Biomedical Sciences


Espial Uses SmartDraw to Close Deals Faster and Make Complex IPTV Applications Understandable

Creating Detailed Network Diagrams with SmartDraw

Web Development Company Selects SmartDraw Over Visio® for Business Graphics and Charts

Telecom Engineer at McKesson Rings SmartDraw for Floor Plans and More

SmartDraw in the News

SmartDraw Makes Lean Diagramming Leaner

SmartDraw Adds Innovative Features and Lean Tools in New Release

SmartDraw 2014 Introduces Smarter Visuals

New SmartDraw 2013 Adds Mobile and Online Sharing

SmartDraw 2012 Reaches Milestone One-Million Trial Software Downloads

SmartDraw Software Announces Two New Editions of its SmartDraw 2012 Product

SmartDraw 2012: Simply one of the best organizational and productivity applications
we've seen in a long time

SmartDraw Software Releases All New, Redesigned SmartDraw 2012

SmartDraw Brings Meetings To Life

SmartDraw – The Visio Killer?

The Challenge of Workflow

SmartDraw VP Best in Breed

Could Your Meetings Be More Effective with Visuals?

20 tips for creating case chronologies and timelines

SmartDraw VP – Visual Processing for Individuals or Businesses

SmartDraw Software Enhances User Experience of the World's First Visual ProcessorTM

SmartDraw Software's Visual Process Management Solution Dramatically Improves Efficiency and Profitability for Reliant General Insurance

SmartDraw Software's Visual Process Management Solution Improves Efficiency by 25% for L+L Printers

SmartDraw Software Announces Solution to Manage and Improve Presentations

SmartDraw Software Announces Support of Visual Grammar to Enable Enterprise-Wide Adoption of Visual Communication

SmartDraw Software Announces Solution to Improve Meeting Effectiveness

SmartDraw Software Announces Revolutionary Visual Process Management (VPM) Solution

SmartDraw Software Adds New Enterprise Productivity Solutions to Visual Processor

New SmartDraw VP Features Enhance Presentations, Increase Automation and Improve Collaboration

SmartDraw Enhances Groundbreaking PowerPoint® Features

SmartDraw's Visual Processor Software Plays Key Role in Department of the Interior's Gulf Oil Spill Clean-Up Efforts

SmartDraw Reinvents PowerPoint at The Presentation Summit

SmartDraw VP review on IT Reviews

SmartDraw Enhances the World's First Visual Processor TM

Globalization: IT Tools to Collaborate and Bridge Language Gaps

SmartDraw Launches World's First Visual ProcessorTM

SmartDraw Offers Enhanced Features, Microsoft Office Integration

Creating a Visual Company: What it means and why productivity hinges upon it

SmartDraw Earns 5-Star Rating on CNET

OnComputers: SmartDraw

A picture is worth a thousand words

SmartDraw: An Easy-to-use Diagramming Tool

SmartDraw Named as One of San Diego's Top 100 Companies

SmartDraw's New Microsoft Visio® Filter Opens Up Visual Communications Enterprise-wide

SmartDraw Puts an End to Communication Breakdown

MedAssets to Offer SmartDraw to its Healthcare Customers

SmartDraw for Dummies Book Now Available

SmartDraw Helps Increase Adoption of Electronic Medical Records by Physician Practices

SmartDraw Announces Results of Fire Safety Professional's Multi-Year Technology Pilot for Faster, More Comprehensive Inspections, Planning

SmartDraw CEO Paul Stannard Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® 2009 Award Finalist in San Diego

SmartDraw: A Hands-On Tutorial and Guide Published by Pearson

SmartDraw Provides Visual Productivity Solution for Lotus Symphony

Malaysian Ministry of Education Selects SmartDraw to Enhance Learning of Technology in Schools—Purchases Over 24,000 SmartDraw Licenses

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