Project Chart Examples

The last thing you need when planning a project is to waste time. One of the benefits of project charts (or Gantt charts) is that they give you a clear, concise and visual summary of your project.

Here are some Gantt chart examples showing the layout of a project plan. To view these in more detail, click any of the thumbnail images.

Project Chart Example 1: Business Preparation Project

This Gantt chart example shows a simple list of items in preparation for an inspection. This is a simple project chart, prepared in a laundry list fashion with task items numbered 1 through 16.

Project Chart Example

Each task is listed, along with dates for the beginning and completion of each task, along with the task duration. At the right is the bar chart showing the relative time each task encompasses during the project period.

Project Chart Example 2: Trade Show Plan

This example below goes into a bit more detail. Notice that there are four major task categories such as distribute, advertise, and so on. Under each of these are subtasks. The numbering convention for subtasks under category 1 is 1.1 for t-shirts, 1.2 for buttons, etc. If additional layers of subtasks are added, another decimal extension would be used: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, and so forth.

Project Chart Example 2

There are also dependencies shown in this Gantt chart example. Notice how some of the start dates are highlighted. These denote tasks whose start dates are dependent upon completion of another task. Those dependencies are shown in the bar chart area with lines and arrows.

This project chart example also shows the people assigned to each task.

Project Chart Example 3: Construction Project Schedule

Here's a Gantt chart for a slightly larger project. Notice how the timeline is scaled so that the entire chart fits nicely on one page. Choosing the right project chart software that automates much of what you see here will save you countless hours of time and effort.

Project Chart Example 3

Here are a few more project chart examples.

To learn more about creating a project chart similar to these examples, here's a seven-minute video that shows you how.

How to create project charts with SmartDraw

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