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Mind Map of Time Management Example

A mind map like this looks at time management through its goal, problem, and solutions; each section is divided into smaller explorations of these components to create a complete analysis of time management.

Text in this example:

The Goal:
Evaluate your daily life with reference to time
The Problem: Why do people waste Time?
Solution No. 1:
Creating More Time
Solution No. 2:
Avoid Distractions
Solution No. 3:
Use Time Management Tools
Assigned To
Time Management
Be mindful of personal and professional goals
Write everything down!
Use your progress to re-evaluate your activities every month.
Pace yourself!
Use leisure time constructively
toward these goals.
Unrealistic expectations of time.
Too lazy to make detailed plans.
Overwhelmed by large projects.
No prior training in time management.
Delegate tasks. Work on a large team.
Learn to only accept projects you have time for!
Reward yourself for successfully managing your time.
Work efficiently and diligently.
Avoid casual chat and keep visitors to a minimum.
Control your phone.
Remind yourself: What is the phone for?
Avoid repetition of facts by taking notes.
Be brief and professional.
Control your workspace. Change
locations if necessary.
Use a Daily or Weekly planner to keep it all organized.
Keep a log of relevant activities
AND their progress.
Make To-Do lists and follow them.
Create and update long-term and short-term Action Plans.
Keep abreast of your field with

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