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Gaming Company Org Chart Example

You can use an organization chart, or org chart, like this to clearly communicate the structure of positions in a company, in this case a gaming company.

Text in this example:

Polonar Studios
Polonar Studios was formed in May 2000 by Brentt McQuail and Jeffrey Buson, both key figures in the development of the online massive-multiplayer hit, Elation.
Currently, Polonar is home to a team of all-star game designers, programmers, and artists. With such a high concentration of talent at one place, there is nothing but success in Polonar's future! Our goals are to create entertaining, innovative, and artistically stunning games.
As of Spring 2005, Polonar Studios is well underway working on their second project, Catra.
President & CEO / Executive Producer
Brentt McQuail
Vice President / Executive Producer
Jeffrey Buson
Director of Business Development
Jason Johansen
Director of Operations/ Producer
Dave Gillerman
Director of Technology/ Lead Programmer
Rick Jameson
Art Director
Kevin Piccolo
Office Manager
Susan Parkins
Public Relations Specialist
Mickey Korinth
Associate Game Designers
Justin Hagan
Marc Bowens
Amanda Elam
Zoe Zimmer
Game Designers
Son Lee
Darrell Bickford
Tracy Davis
Senior Game Designer
Shaun Burke
Jim Clover
Assistant Producer
Vincent Forwards
Senior Producer
Matt Cronkite
Audio Designer
Maurice Muzat
Technical Writer
Emille Smith
Web Content Developers
Nicholas Poe
Bill McHamon
Art Technical Lead
Mary Kirkland
Scott Beam
Tina Lai
Mike Forrest
John Highwagon
Senior Programmer
Anna Baisle
IT Manager
Mike Sherlock
Concept Artist
Brad Thompson
Conrad Hopkins
Associate Artists
Anh Nguyen
Napoleon Wells
Tom Quang
Marie LaBelle
Hannah Rochelle
Sally Rome
Rich Fellers
Ha Henson
Senior Artists
Thor Resemheimer
Christy Masura
Otis Brown
Robert Cooper
Assistant Art Director
Todd Parkinson
Executive Assistant
Maly Lee

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