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About L+L Printers

L+L Printers has been a full-service commercial printer in Southern California since 1959, specializing in both offset and digital printing. In addition to its core business, L+L offers mailing services, web-to-print storefronts, PURL campaigns, print-on-demand, variable printing, full prepress and bindery services as well as stochastic screening.

L+L Printers

VPM delivered real, bottom line benefits to one of Southern California's largest and most successful printing companies.

Since implementing VPM throughout the organization, L+L has:

  • Increased efficiency and throughput by 25%
  • Reduced training time by 15%
  • Created the opportunity to secure $1M+ contract, plus retained largest account as a direct result of demonstrating compliance and best practice procedures visually through VPM

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