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Child Profile Information Card Example

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Upper Lower Important Phone Numbers Police/Sheriff: School Office: Doctor/Hospital: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-THE LOST DO IT YOURSELF DNA COLLECTION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Rub a clean cotton swab on inside of cheek until moist 2. Let air dry for twenty-four hours. 3. When dry, place in re-sealable bag and seal bag. 4. Fold and place sealed bag in a second bag and seal. 5. Label with child's name and sample date. 6. Store in a secluded part of your freezer. 7. In a separate re-sealable bag, collect a few strands of your child's hair with roots and follicles intact. Attach it to this profile card. CHILD PROFILE CARD Child's Full Name: Race: Complexion: Sex: Date of Birth: Hair Color: Hair Length: Height: Feet Inches Weight: Pounds Eye Color: Glasses: Social Security Number: Home Address: Home Telephone: Email Used by Child: Parent/Guardian Names: Blood Type: Safety Password: Choose a secret word or phrase that lets your children know that an adult sent in your place can be trusted Known Allergies: Doctor's Name/Phone Current Medication: Pre-existing Conditions: Best Friend's Name & Phone: Best Friend's Name & Phone: Right Thumb Right Index Right Middle Right Ring Right Pinky This kit is only a tool. This form cannot and does not guarantee the safety of your child. Left Thumb Left Index Left Middle Left Ring Left Pinky IF YOUR CHILD IS MISSING 1. Act quickly, time is of the essence. 2. Call the police immediately. Don't wait! 3. Show the police this profile card. 4. Alert friends, neighbors, and relatives. Organize a search for your child as quickly as possible. 5. Check your child's favorite play areas. CHILD EMERGENCY IDENTIFICATION RECORD Complete a new profile each year on the child's birthday! Child's Full Name Date Completed Indicate any identifying marks such as birth marks, moles, scars or previously broken bones, prosthetics or disabilities. Piercings: Braces: Color(s): Hearing Aid: Type/Brand: Other Markings: Ask your dentist to fill out this section. Dentist's Name: Address: Phone Number:

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