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Estate Planning Workflow Diagram Example

This workflow diagram uses a visual strategy to show exactly what financial steps to take after a spouse's death.

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Write a Budget Check Insurance Analyze Education Savings Review Your Portfolio Update All Accounts Contact
Social Security Spouse Dies Update Beneficially Determine how much money you need in order to meet living expenses and how much you have available each month. Make appropriate adjustments. Make any necessary updates after reviewing beneficiaries. If you're retired, review medical coverage and consider purchase long-term care coverage. See how much you have set aside and how much you can continue to save in the coming future. To make sure your investments match your current financial goals, time frame, and risk tolerance. You may want to work with your financial advisor. Life insurance, retirement plan, IRA, employee benefit, and annuity Switch bank and brokerage accounts to your name. Check beneficiary of each account and make changes as needed to reflect your current circumstance You may be eligible for selected benefits before retirement, at retirement, or for minor children Estate Planning
Financial Steps to Take After a Spouse's Death

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