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Observe the Fire and Scene Conditions by First Responders Example

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Establishing the Role of First Responders
Observe the Fire and Scene Conditions
Source: National Institute of Justice,
Fire and Arson Scene Evidence: A Guide for Public Safety Personnel
Conditions of the structure
The type of occupancy and use of the structure
Flame and smoke conditions
Vehicles leaving the scene, bystanders, or unusual activities near
the scene.
The presence, location, and condition of victims and witnesses.
The status of fire alarms, security alarms, and sprinklers.
The fire suppression techniques used, including ventilation,
forcible entry, and utility shutoff measures.
Unusual characteristics of the scene
Weather conditions.
Conditions surrounding the scene
e.g., blocked driveways, debris,
damage to other structures
e.g., the presence of containers, exterior burning or charring on the building, the absence of normal contents, unusual odors, fire trailers.
e.g., the volume of flames and smoke; the color, height, and location of the flames; the direction
in which the flames and smoke are moving
e.g., a residential
occupancy being used as a business
e.g., lights turned on; fire through the
roof; walls standing; open, closed, or broken windows and doors

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