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Peer Employee Performance Review Example

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Text in this example:

Company Name Applicant Information Employee Performance Review - Peer Review Name of Employee Being Reviewed: Date: Applicant Information Complete this peer review, using the following scale: NA = Not Applicable
1 = Unsatisfactory
2 = Marginal
3 = Meets Requirements
4 = Exceeds Requirements
5 = Exceptional Applicant Information Additional Comments: Demonstrates Required Job
Skills and Knowledge Has the Ability to Learn and Use
New Skills Uses Resources Available In
An Effective Manner Responds Effectively To
Assigned Responsibilities Meets Attendance
Requirements Listens To Direction From
Management Takes Responsibility For
Actions Honors Commitments Demonstrates Problem Solving
Skills Offers Constructive Suggestions
For Improvement Generates Creative Ideas And
Solutions Meets Challenges Head On Demonstrates Innovative
Thinking 1 2 3 4 5 Signature

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