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Research Division Org Chart Example

Organization charts, or org charts, like this can be helpful for showing the structure and positions in the research division of a company.

Text in this example:

Brad Wilson
Hazmat Specialist
Wanda Fisher
Compliance Officer
Carrie Jenkins
Biosafety Officer
Diane Miller
Radiation Safety Officer
Peggy Casper
Environmental Programs Specialist
Paul Ryan
Training Coordinator
Joshua Larsen
Compliance Specialist
New Wave Corporation
- Research Division
Sheila Tate
Accountant I
Scott Belany
Accountant II
Bill Jameson
Accountant III
Madeline Albrecht
Sr. Accountant
Tom Brown
Jim Olsen
Sr. Accounting Assistant
Petra Cobol
Staff Assistant
Grants/Contracts Officer
Dan Cohen
Grants/Contracts Officer II
Doug Smith
Paula Dahlberg
Vice President, Research
Pamela Hillson
Administrative Specialist
Matthew Miller
Web Coordinator
Leeland Olson
Director of Research Administration
Tim Blackwell
VP of Technology Commercialization
Lenore Craftman
Associate VP of Research
Ann Murphy
Attending Veterinarian
Janis van der Hoff
Associate VP, Research Integrity
Greg Taylor
Associate Director
Sponsored Programs
Grants & Contracts
Alison St. John

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