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Visual Grammar - Nomination & Confirmation Process Flow Chart Example

Flowcharts like this can be used to show the steps of how a Supreme Court justice is nominated and confirmed. This flowchart employs the basic rules of visual grammar.

Text in this example:

Cloture Vote and Approved by Majority?
Cloture Vote requires the votes of 3/5 of the Senate or 60 senators.
A simple majority of the Senators present and voting is required for the judicial nominee to be confirmed. In case of a tie, the Vice President, who also presides over the Senate, casts the deciding vote.
The Senate votes on nomination
The Committee votes on nomination and a recommendation is sent to the Senate
The Committee collect records for nominee and for performs a Hearing
President consults with Senators and nominates a candidate
Presidents "shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint...Judges of the Supreme Court..." U.S. Constitution, art. 2 ยง2, cl. 2
U.S. Supreme Court Nomination & Confirmation Process
Nomination declines or is declined
Nominee sworn in as Supreme Court justice

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