SmartDraw Features

Smart Formatting

SmartDraw's exclusive smart formatting lets anyone create professional-looking charts and diagrams with ease. Just click a few buttons. You can even build diagrams using only the keyboard. Insert shapes with simple keystrokes. Move them around on the page and everything realigns perfectly. You're free to focus on content while SmartDraw does the drawing. It's the smartest way to create any kind of chart or diagram.

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Smart Templates

SmartDraw includes hundreds of templates so you can start drawing quickly. Eliminating the learning curve makes it fast and easy to create the diagram you need today. More than 70 different types of diagrams, charts, and other visuals are included. Whatever you need to create, chances are there's a smart template to help you get it finished in no time. You'll also get hundreds of examples that are fully editable too.

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Smart Office Integration

SmartDraw integrates easily with Microsoft Office®. With just a click, send your drawing directly to Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®*, or Outlook®. It makes creating report graphics and presentation visuals a breeze.

SmartDraw Enterprise also fully integrates with Microsoft SharePoint®. Publish your SmartDraw file to your SharePoint® server with just one click. You can also browse the SharePoint® server and check documents in and out from within SmartDraw.

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Professional Quality

SmartDraw gives you the confidence of a professional finish, every time. SmartDraw automatically applies your choice of several attractive design themes. Smart formatting keeps everything perfectly aligned so your diagrams are always ready to publish and share. You can also create your own custom designs and add photos and images too.

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Anywhere Access

SmartDraw files are easy to access and share. View your SmartDraw diagrams from any web browser wherever you go. Use the free SmartDraw viewer app for your tablet or mobile device. Share diagrams with others, even if they aren't SmartDraw users. Easily publish any SmartDraw visual you create to your website, blog, or share it on social media.

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*Full PowerPoint® integration is only available in SmartDraw Enterprise.