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Event-Driven Process Chain Diagram Software

SmartDraw's event driven process chain diagram (EPC) software makes it easy for you to make EPC diagrams for your ERP or business process modelling project in minutes using ready-made templates.

You start by choosing an EPC diagram template and then add your own business process information to customize it. Your business process work flows can be laid out in minutes as EPC flowcharts using SmartDraw's automation and built-in symbols. SmartDraw aligns everything and automatically applies professional-looking themes for consistent, presentation-quality results.

Your EPC diagrams can be easily exported to PDF, Microsoft Office®, or securely shared via the web.

What is an Event-Driven Process Chain?

Event-driven Process Chains (EPC) are very similar to process diagrams in that they show a process and each of the elements involved in the completion of that process. However, EPC use special symbols and notation, and are always triggered by an event. This event is always symbolized using a hexagon.

Our event-driven process chain diagram software is fast and easy. You can try our event-driven process chain diagram software FREE with no obligation.

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