Construction Project Chart Software

Construction management requires smart planning, constant progress tracking, and getting critical information to the right people fast. SmartDraw gives you the tools to make construction project charts that help you get the job done correctly and on time. Build your plan using one of our ready-made templates or create your own. With automated SmartDraw construction project charts, everything is fast and simple, so you can focus on getting your job done instead of wasting time learning complicated project software.

Top reasons why SmartDraw is the best construction project chart software:

  • Automatic Formatting
    SmartDraw does the drawing for you—just click to add shapes and symbols. Add, delete or move shapes and SmartDraw keeps everything neatly arranged and formatted for you.
  • Four Different Views of Your Project
    With SmartDraw, enter your project data once and view it four ways: as a Gantt chart, mind map, assignment chart, or timeline. Make a change in any view and all of the others update automatically.
  • Built-In Accountability
    SmartDraw lets you see who is doing what at a glance. Track the progress of tasks, which are color coded to show when something is late or which ones are complete.
  • Intuitive Controls
    SmartDraw's floating toolbar allows you to manage even the largest project charts with ease. You control the level of detail you want to see.
  • Organize Related Tasks
    Group related tasks quickly with one-click controls. SmartDraw automatically adjusts the length of the parent task to reflect lengths of all the child tasks.
  • Built-In Teams Let You Easily Assign Tasks
    SmartDraw creates virtual team lists as you enter each person's name into your project chart. The next time around, assigning tasks to the same team members is a breeze.
  • Share, View and Track Your Project Anywhere, on Any Device
    SmartDraw gives you automatic backup of your files online. You may access them remotely from any device and share them with anyone. This allows your team members, vendors, sub-contractors, or anyone else you choose (whether they are SmartDraw users or not) to view information you share with them. They can also update task status and add comments, keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Interactive Smart Visuals Get Information to Anyone, Anywhere
    SmartDraw visuals make it easy to get information into the right hands quickly. Simply attach notes, documents or links to web-based information right on your diagram. Those you share it with can open the file and view the attachments—with full pan and zoom controls—right on their laptop or tablet. Project attachments
  • Powerful Customization
    Control how days and holidays are displayed in your chart with just a few clicks. Decide what timeframe you want to display on your chart, or let SmartDraw do it for you automatically.
  • Custom Task Libraries Save You Time
    Save time by saving repeated tasks within a project as a task library. Your library saves the hierarchy of tasks and even the people assigned to them and task duration. To add your saved library to a new project, just drag and drop it into your new chart.
  • Microsoft Project® Compatible
    SmartDraw offers full import and export compatibility with Microsoft Project. Need to share your construction project chart with someone who still uses MS Project? No problem. Just export it with a single click.
  • Free Support
    SmartDraw provides free telephone and email support to help you when you need.
  • See How Easy it is to Manage a Project with SmartDraw

    Click here to see a video about project management with SmartDraw.

    Gantt chart video
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