Gantt Chart Templates

To create a Gantt chart with Smartdraw, all you have to do is choose a Gantt chart template that fits your project and customize it using SmartDraw's automated drawing tools. Add your project details, assign responsibilities and due dates, and you're done. You never have to start with a blank screen.

The most basic Gantt chart template in SmartDraw contains a generic main project and a few tasks. To make this Gantt chart template your own, just click in any cell and type in your own project and your own tasks. To add or remove tasks from your Gantt chart template, use the buttons to the left of your drawing area.

Gantt chart template

You can also start with a Gantt chart template that's a little more complex and already half-completed if you feel more comfortable with changing existing copy instead of writing your own. With SmartDraw, you're in control. We just provide the templates!

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