Project Management Software

It's estimated that at least 50% and perhaps as high as 90% of all projects are delivered late. Worse yet, many of these projects are also over budget.

According to one study, fewer than 10% of all projects are actively managed at all.

SmartDraw offers the absolutely easiest solution to help you take control of your project and ensure that your project is one of the 10% that is on time and on budget.

Five Steps to Better Project Management

  • Scope your project with mind maps
    Mind maps are a great project management tool for organizing and brainstorming, and are especially helpful for breaking down a project into smaller components. You'll want to start by identifying high level tasks and then break those tasks down into more detailed sub-tasks.
  • Convert your mind map into a project chart
    Automatically convert your mind map to a project chart with SmartDraw's built-in features.
  • Schedule and order project tasks on your project chart
    Organize project tasks and sub-tasks, assign tasks to team members, and define start dates and durations for each task.
  • Communicate your project milestones with a project timeline
    Identify your project milestones and automatically convert your project chart to a project timeline.
  • Measure and communicate your progress with the project chart
    Progress bars update automatically as you update the status of each project task.
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