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Easy Map Making Software

SmartDraw is the world's easiest map maker:

  • More than 35,000 map objects included! US states, country maps from Europe, Asia, Africa, and more.
  • Colorize map components in just a single click for presentation-ready results.
  • Add markers, flags, and other clip art objects to customize your map.
  • Capture interactive map data from Google Maps to import roads, regions, counties, zip codes, countries and even satellite images from across the globe—all as separate, editable elements.

Make sales territory maps:

Sales territory map

Sales maps can show which sales person is responsible for which region, country, or state. See more examples of sales territory maps made with SmartDraw.

Use maps in your own custom infographic:

Coffee consumption infographic

Infographics are used to showcase data and information in a visual, easy-to-understand way. Since data as it relates to geographic regions is often critical to understanding a concept, maps are freuqently used in infographics. See more examples of infographics made with SmartDraw.

Make a map for a presentation, academic paper, or newspaper article:

Unemployment infographic

Map Making Templates

SmartDraw's map maker has hundreds of generic map making templates like these ready for you to customize:

Florida Counties EU map
Want to try your hand at map making? Download our map maker FREE and see how easy it can be. Try SmartDraw today.

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