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Brainstorming Software

The Secret to Unleashing Your Creative Genius

Scientific research shows that our brains like to work using association and visual patterns. So it only makes sense to allow our minds to use these natural methods in the most efficient manner possible.

Raining cats and dogs

Mind maps are an ideal tool for brainstorming. They encourage our minds to use the natural process of association. Ideas develop in a more free-form manner; unlike the restrictive linear "laundry list" system most of us have been taught to use.

Fast, Automated Mind Maps Free You to Capture Your Creativity in Real Time

SmartDraw gives you fast, automated mind maps that are the perfect tool for brainstorming, planning, and managing information.

Action Buttons Let You Build Mind Maps at the Speed of Thought

When you move your cursor over one of the shapes in a SmartDraw mind map, you'll notice a gold outline with four arrows appear. These are action buttons, and they make building a mind map effortless.

Click on one of the arrows to add a shape in that direction. SmartDraw will add the most recently used symbol type with an automatic connecting line. To change symbol types, select the type you want in the SmartPanel.

Awesome-Looking Compact Formats

With our one-click Use Compact Formatting control, your mind map will fit into a small space and look more attractive—no matter the size or scale.

Compact format

And what's more, the Use Compact Formatting control can be applied when creating or charts and family trees in SmartDraw, too.

Compact formatting comparison

Use Your Mind Map as a Project Plan

SmartDraw mind maps can easily be turned into project plans. Just click the Project View button and you'll get an automatic Gantt chart for assigning tasks and scheduling implementation.

Convert mind map to project chart
Go ahead... unleash your creative genius. Try SmartDraw brainstorming software today... absolutely free.

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