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Office Design Software

What makes SmartDraw's office design tools unique is that you never have to start from a blank. SmartDraw not only provides you with an exhaustive office symbol set, but it also comes with dozens of ready-made, professional office designs. Pick one and you're ready to customize. Adjust the dimensions, add walls, drag-and-drop office furniture like desks, chairs, and conference tables, and finish off your office design with photo-realistic textures of carpeting and flooring.

To share your office design with your team or management, you can export it in a variety of graphics file formats like JPG, PNG, etc. Or simply transfer your finished office design into any Microsoft Office® application with a single click. Printing and sharing online is just as easy.

An Office Design Example

Office design example

SmartDraw's Powerful Office Design Tools Include:

  • A large selection of office symbols to drag-and-drop or stamp
  • Ability to show or hide dimensions
  • A quick way to measure distance or area
  • Adding a corner or wall opening in a single click
  • A quick way to split a wall to customize an office design
Our office design software is fast and it's easy. You can try our office design software FREE with no obligation.

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