The SmartDraw Viewer App for the iPhone and iPad

Stay connected to your SmartDraw projects, meetings and presentations, no matter where you are, with the SmartDraw viewer for your iOS mobile device.

The SmartDraw viewer lets you see your projects, meetings, presentations, or any of your other SmartDraw visuals on your iPhone or iPad. Any documents, notes or hyperlinks in your visuals are also viewable and fully interactive on the SmartDraw viewer.

Share your SmartDraw visuals with another person, your entire team, or publicly to anyone. Your SmartDraw account lets you authorize whomever you choose to view and interact with your SmartDraw content. They don't even have to be a SmartDraw user. You can also post your visual on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The SmartDraw Viewer Lets You:

  • View, zoom, scroll, add comments, and click links inside SmartDraw files
  • View attachments, including Word docs, PDF files, and notes
  • Keep up to date with comments and notifications on changes
  • Update task progress and notify team members
  • Mark tasks as complete
  • Give presentations in full screen with a projector
  • Auto play presentations for use at kiosks
  • Update your profile and account details
  • Choose to sync over Wi-Fi and cellular, or Wi-Fi only to save bandwidth

Other Mobile Users

You can access you SmartDraw account on your Android, Kindle Fire or Windows 8 mobile device, too.

Simply open your web browser and go to:

Use the Log In screen to create your user name and password. You will get the same experience-with all of the features noted above-that you enjoy from any desktop web browser.

Note: SmartDraw documents cannot be created from the SmartDraw viewer.

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