"Without a doubt our best purchase was SmartDraw. Rarely have I seen such an impact with the deployment of software to end users. Adoption was immediate and increased the overall quality of our communications, process development and planning. Productivity was also improved as end users finally had a tool that put compelling, professional-quality visuals at their fingertips.

Not only is the product terrific, but from consulting, enterprise installation and training to end user support, the team at SmartDraw has been exceptional. I highly recommend SmartDraw."

Victor Bradley
BBK Leadership Team - Information Systems
BBK Worldwide, Inc.

SmartDraw User Testimonials

This software is the best!
Anne Lebrun Ruff
Douglas, Canada

SmartDraw is a great product and offers equally great service.
Kerry Koitzsch
Sunnyvale, CA

SmartDraw is intuitive and easy to use. I bought within five minutes of downloading the free trial.
Rob Lewis
Crickhowell, United Kingdom

SmartDraw is the Swiss Army Knife of Business Software.
Joshua Rosenblatt
Las Cruces, NM

I've used SmartDraw for five years now and it's the best!
Janean Thompson
La Jolla, CA

Impressed with the simplicity of floor plan drawing. Most apps for this purpose are either too simple or unnecessarily complex.
Greg Boyd
Norman, OK

You guys are fantastic - great customer service and great software - a real pleasure to work with.
Bill Griffith
Boulder, CO

SmartDraw is highly intuitive, even for a non-graphics person like I am. After only a short time with the trial version, I saw that this was the way to go!
Roy Chardon
Hollister, CA

So far, deeply pleased! Way better than Visio, easier to use, etc. Well done!
Frank Savage, CTO
Redmond, WA

I am totally addicted to SmartDraw. It has really enhanced my creativity and productivity. Thanks for a fabulous product!
Juli Fellows
Larkspur, CA

I’m completely impressed with SmartDraw. The designs I make in the program are easy to understand and look professional. Now it’s easier to get clients on board.
Mike Erlindson

I think your software is absolutely fabulous, very user-friendly and produces great documents.
Sandra Edwards
Houston, TX

SmartDraw has been the most useful and easiest to use piece of software I've encountered.
Noel Bourget
Plano, TX

SmartDraw is a professional, valuable, outstanding masterpiece!
Rait Labotkin
Tartu, Estonia

All of your products are GREAT! They are intuitive, user-friendly and they really work! It's what every software product should be.
Jerry Pittman
Castle Rock, WA

SmartDraw really is smart! Smart enough to help you when you want it to, smart enough to get out of the way when you want to do something detailed!
Mark Radcliffe
San Francisco, CA

SmartDraw, Smart Choice!
David Kirkwood
Cumbria, United Kingdom

Amazingly easy to use! I made the drawing I needed in about 15 minutes. It's already paid for itself.
Sharon Crawford
Hayward, CA

You have great software that is very user friendly and easy to learn, and you are very responsive to your users. I wish all providers were as good as you!!
Rosita Fichtel
Larchmont, NY

This software is superb! The user interface is brilliantly conceived and places everything naturally to hand. The program is intuitive and productive.
Jonathan Hollin
Yorkshire, England

Excellent software - very intuitive.
Karl Rajani
Greendale, WI

We have spent endless hours creating organizational charts whenever we reorganize or do not fill a position. We are not a very large organization; however, we like to buy products that make our work easier and look nice at the same time. Thank you.
Gail Gowland, Executive Director
Chalmette, LA

I think this program is amazing!
Mandy Wilson
Stratford, Canada

SmartDraw is simply good.
Väinö Halla-aho, Program Manager
Salo, Finland

Great product! I'm quitting Mindjet for yours!
Agustin Valero, Sales VP
Queretaro, Mexico

You guys never cease to amaze me.  You take a great product, and make it better.
Jerry Pittman
La Jolla, CA

Everyone thinks I'm some sort of graphic genius when I do presentations with SmartDraw!
John Ouellette
Norman, OK

This is so cool for many things, I'm totally sold on the mind-map to project plan. Thank you!
Ben Lorence, President
Apple Valley, MN

SmartDraw is highly intuitive, even for a non-graphics person like I am. After only a short time with the trial version, I saw that this was the way to go!
Roy Chardon
Hollister, CA

Thrilled to find your product – what I have been wanting for years.
Ginette King, Chief Visioneer
Larkspur, CA

Very simple and intuitive to use - well done!
Robert Boegheim

I believe SmartDraw is one of the most amazing software programs I have ever come across.
Peter Adamis
Melbourne, Australia

I don't know how I've lived without SmartDraw! You could rename this software "instant productivity"!
Deborah Griffith
Plano, TX

SmartDraw is a very useful tool! It's so easy to use, it helps me save lots of time in my busy day.
Patricia Ford
Plano, TX

I've tested 5 or 6 different drawing programs, have bought 3, and I find SmartDraw to be the best. It is powerful, easy to use, and intuitive.
Derek O'Connor
Dublin, Ireland

SmartDraw is so OUTSTANDING that it is the first piece of productivity software I ever felt the desire to purchase.
Stephen Graham
Columbia, MD

Impressed with product features and ease of use. I became a loyal SmartDraw user the very first day I tried your product.
Jay Chouinard
Gloucester, MA

I played with the trial version of SmartDraw for 30 minutes and knew I wanted to buy it. It's a great product!
Colin Brookes
Maarssen, Netherlands

Excellent product! It's quite intuitive, and it does everything I want it to do, exactly as I want it.
Nicholas James
Ontario, Canada

Outstanding software. The easiest and most complete package I've experienced.
Charlie Zarbo
Plattsburgh, NY

I love SmartDraw. It has taken me from being totally unable to create what I wanted to being able to make drawings that actually look right.
Mary Beam
Brookeville, OH

Efficient and time saving software that helps our team to communicate visually and more effectively.
Jack Dyer, Region Sales Manager

Compared the difference with VISIO and you won hands down.
Bob Howard, IS Technician
Wooster, OH

Gives a presentation a bit more zing than Visio.
Carl Wilde - Maintenance & Project Manager

By far the best software ever. It has everything and is very user-friendly.
Gary Afable
Norwalk, CT

Started using trial - great way to show the capabilities - and the video intro is great. I typically don't comment on products, but kudos for a well thought out product.
Curtis Krauss, Principal
Philadelphia, PA

Was searching for mind map software and really liked what your software has to offer and how easy it is to use. I tried a free version of one of your competitors and was ready to tear my hair out when I found yours. Thanks for a great product!
Cynthia Szponder, Manager
Loveland, CO

Everyone thinks I'm some sort of graphic genius when I do presentations with SmartDraw!
John Ouellette
Nova Scotia, Canada

Absolutely fantastic product - very easy to use - loved it within minutes of installing.
Martyn Dominy, Director
Sydney, Australia

SmartDraw is a great product, easy to use and incredibly well priced...a "no brainer" decision to purchase.
David Henderson
Hollister, CA

SmartDraw saves me 30-40% of the time compared to other solutions. It accomplishes so much with a single click!
Jeff Baker
Larkspur, CA

I would readily recommend SmartDraw as an essential business planning and communication tool.
Chris Davis

Thank you for a product that actually does what I need it to - and THEN some.
Roberta Kelly-Boss
Palestine, TX

Awesome program. I found SmartDraw intuitive, easy-to-use, and easy to produce professional quality results!
Michael Snell
Plano, TX

SmartDraw makes my life so much easier... the ease of use of your program, mixed with the great, effortless graphic presentation, is superb.
James Young
Barnsley, U.K.

The things that you make with [SmartDraw]look so completely professional, and they can be done so quickly!
Jeff Murphy
Revelstoke, British Columbia

SmartDraw is an amazing product to use—it produces fast, professional results.
Vivek Hemdev
New York, NY

One of the best parts of purchasing SmartDraw is knowing that the technical staff is available and will help find answers to questions quickly!
Debra Hill
Pueblo, CO

This is the first program I have used that has been robust enough to what I need while being intuitive enough that I can do it quickly.
Stephen J Faris
Brentwood, TN

I enjoyed using the trial version so much, I had to buy the full product!
Dave Morris
Chertsey, Surrey, U.K.

I really like SmartDraw! It's very easy to use and has a lot of functionality.
Tonyi Bester
Atlanta, GA

SmartDraw is one program where the templates provided are actually useful.
John Nixdorf
Naperville, IL

I needed a flowchart program urgently for a new business venture. I gave both SmartDraw and Visio 2010 (Beta)a 2-hour trial each. SmartDraw won hands down. I was making presentation quality process diagrams and charts in minutes.
Tim Morrissey, RTO Manager

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