Introducing the ALL NEW SmartDraw CI

SmartDraw is pleased to present SmartDraw CI, our most innovative, feature-packed version yet.

Here are just a few of the new enhancements you'll find in SmartDraw CI:

  • Completely redesigned floor plans
  • Action buttons for faster flowcharting & diagramming
  • Compact formatting for better mind maps & org charts
  • New Engineering & CAD features
  • Infographics builder
  • Kanban boards
  • Tools for Lean methodology
  • More than 800 new templates-now over 4,900 total
  • More than 5,000 new symbols, images and clip art
  • And introducing SmartDraw Services

An Extreme Makeover for Floor Plans

SmartDraw CI includes the most comprehensive changes we've made to floor plans in over five years. Now you can create better-looking, precise floor plan drawings faster and easier than ever.

  • Separate categories for commercial and residential plans
  • More than 350 new templates
  • New automated drawing features-rooms and walls snap into place
  • Ready-made building and room templates
  • Thousands of symbols to enhance your drawings and designs
  • Precision drawing tools for blueprint-quality results

This illustration shows the new "room snapping" office planning feature of SmartDraw CI. Just click on a room, and "snap" it to a wall or another room.

Interior walls adjust to reflect a single wall width, automatically.

New templates allow you to work with banks of modular office systems ("cubicles"), as well.

SmartDraw CI supports both US/Imperial and Metric standards of measure, and allows fractional units up to 1/16".

Add rooms

Select from a list of ready-made offices or cubicles, then simply drag and snap them into place. Interior walls automatically overlap so you don't have to make manual adjustments.

Action Buttons for Faster Diagramming

SmartDraw CI takes the automation of diagramming to a new level, with action buttons. Here's how action buttons work:

  • Open up a flowchart, org chart, mind map, decision tree, or any other diagram that uses shaped symbols and connecting lines.
  • Move your cursor over a shape.
  • Click on one of the gold arrows, or action buttons, to add a new symbol in that direction.
  • To change symbol types, select a new symbol in the SmartPanel.

Building a diagram has never been faster—or easier—than this.

Action buttons

Simply click on an action button to add a new symbol in that direction

New Compact Formatting

Org charts and mind maps can get big and run off of a page very quickly. Compact formatting solves this problem by removing a lot of the wasted space.

With our all new one-click Use Compact Formatting control, your org and team charts will fit into a smaller space and look much more attractive-no matter the size or scale.

If you want to use standard formatting, simply turn off the Compact Formatting feature in the SmartPanel.

Compact Formatting

All-New Engineering & CAD Features

Open up the new Engineering & CAD section in SmartDraw CI and you'll find:

  • Several new subcategories of diagram types
  • Option to select US/Imperial or Metric standard of measure
  • Greater user control: turn off SmartDraw's automatic Snaps feature to manually draw lines and shapes
  • Templates with pre-set scales
  • Action buttons are also included as a feature for Engineering & CAD drawing.
New CAD automation

Use SmartDraw CI action buttons to add symbols or turn off Snaps for manual drawing.

Make Infographics with SmartDraw CI

Everyone loves infographics, and for good reason. They can tell a story in a dramatic way and visual way. A good infographic can leave a lasting impression on a reader or audience.

The new Infographics builder in SmartDraw CI lets anyone create a vivid, professional-looking infographic. And you don't need artistic talent or an in-house graphics artist to do it.

SmartDraw CI provides the templates for you. Just select the one you want, and add your data and text. Insert your infographic into Word®, Excel® or PowerPoint® with a click.

Publish it on your website or favorite social media page through your SmartDraw Premium Account.

Build Infographic

Kanban Boards

Kanban is a visual system used to manage inventory and processes in a rapidly expanding number of industries.

SmartDraw CI gives you electronic Kanban boards with a number of valuable features:

  • Three different views of data: by topic, assignment and progress
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Access your Kanban board anywhere, on any device using your SmartDraw Premium Account
  • Share it easily with others—even non-SmartDraw users
  • Send it to any MS Office® document with a click
  • Transfer it to a presentation in one step
Kanban boards

Templates for Lean Methodology

The Lean Method is familiar to a growing number of companies. Its concepts drive product/service improvements and customer experience with focus on a long-term view. These visuals are included in SmartDraw CI:

  • Tree Diagram
  • Spaghetti Diagram 5 S
  • 5Ws
  • 3Cs
  • Logs
    • PDCA Cycle
    • Kanban Board
    • Value Stream Map
    • Process Map
    • A3 Thinking
    • Fishbone (Ishikawa, Cause-and-Effect)
    Value Stream Mapping

    Value stream mapping example

    Why SmartDraw CI?

    SmartDraw CI focuses on three key components.

    Customer Interaction

    Many of the changes in SmartDraw CI come from questions, suggestions and feedback from our customers. These improvements affect nearly every one of our 70+ categories of diagrams and several new categories.

    Content Innovation

    SmartDraw has a long record of innovation. This continues in SmartDraw CI, including all of the items discussed above, as well as many more.

    Continuous Improvement

    SmartDraw is constantly enhancing our products to better serve our customers' ever-changing needs. This means adding new features, making product upgrades, and delivering them to customers quickly.

    SmartDraw CI

    Introducing SmartDraw Services

    SmartDraw now offers a full complement of services, including:

    • "We'll Draw It for You"- let one of our experts build your SmartDraw diagram for you.
    • Development of a Lean/Agile strategy-we can provide expertise to help you get your initiative launched quickly and effectively.
    • Documenting existing processes-our professionals can help you map critical processes in smart, visual formats that are favored by regulators, auditors, investors and others.
    • Developing process improvement strategies-we can help you find ways to eliminate waste, streamline operations, improve quality and consistency.
    SmartDraw Services

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