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Organization Chart

An organization chart, or org chart, shows the structure of a company. Learn more about SmartDraw's org chart software.

Organization Charts
Typical Uses

An org chart may be used internally or externally. For large companies, an org chart can aid employees in finding the correct coworker to speak with. In this case, contact information would be included. Org charts are also commonly posted on company websites, although typically with less information. Customer Support and other similar departments may have contact information listed in this case.

Best Practices
  • Identify the purpose. Determine the company that will be depicted in the org chart, and also what purpose this org chart will hold. This will make a difference in the depth of information included. Be sure to title the org chart using the name of the company.
  • Start the chart. Begin with the head person of the company or organization, normally the CEO or president. Place his or her position or name, depending on which you prefer, inside a rectangle at the top center of the page.
  • Add to the chart. Draw a line down from the first rectangle to all of the employees or persons who are second in authority. These may be the heads of each department, meaning they have equal authority. As a result, their boxes should be horizontally aligned on the page and attached by a bracket. Place their names or positions in the rectangles. It is assumed that rectangles on the same hierarchy level are also at the same level of authority.
  • Continue the chart. Continue adding names or positions in rectangles until everyone is accounted for. If an individual has a personal assistant, place the box slightly below and to the side of the individual's box, drawing a line from the assistant's box to the line below the individual. Thus the assistant is removed from the hierarchy.
  • Maintain accuracy. Because a company is dynamic, the org chart will require frequent updating in order to maintain its accuracy.

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