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Project Team Chart

A Project Team Chart is much like an Organization Chart in that it is arranged according to hierarchy or class structure. However, a Project Team Chart is specific to a project rather than a hierarchical map of the entire company. It contains the names, positions, contact information, and responsibilities of everyone involved in a certain project, although it will not lay out a timeline or any order for when certain tasks must be completed.

Project Team Chart
Typical Uses

It is best to use a Project Team Chart when there are going to be many people working on the same project. If only two or three people will be involved, a Project Team Chart is unnecessary. However, in the event that a larger team is required, this diagram will keep everyone organized and working on the same page.

Best Practices
  • Determine the team. Decide who will be involved with the project and what their positions and responsibilities will be. The team will most likely involve several smaller groups, such as different departments.
  • Start the chart. Place the name of the project in a circle or oval in the center of the page.
  • Add team members. Draw an arrow from the central shape to a box. This will represent one of the coordinators or leaders of the project. Label it accordingly. If this person has subordinates, add a box for each of them and attach them with a bracket to the coordinator's box. Repeat for each group, labeling each box with its name and responsibility. In order for the chart to be well-organized, it may be helpful to use a Project Team Chart template, such as that offered by SmartDraw.
  • Add outside entities. Any other businesses or people outside your company who will also be contributing to the project should also be on the chart. They can be placed in boxes like the other groups, labeled with contact information and any other necessary information.
  • Share. Make sure that everyone involved in the project knows his or her responsibilities and who else is working on the project. This is key to having the project run smoothly.

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