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Resource Task Matrix

A Resource and Task Matrix organizes the performance of tasks by different people or departments, and can also show which resources will be needed for a task. It consists of a table with a list of resources (people, departments, or other resources) in the leftmost column and a series of tasks listed in the top row. If a resource plays a part in a task, the corresponding cell is marked by a symbol representing the kind of participation the resource will apply: if it's a person, he or she may have primary responsibility, be a team member, or provide additional resources.

Resource Task Matrix
Typical Uses

This type of matrix is not particularly useful if each person in a project has a single assignment, or when there is only one task involved in the completion of a project. However, for more complicated projects that have numerous activities and persons involved, a Resource and Task Matrix can greatly organize and simplify the process. Also, if resources are limited, this matrix can assist in organizing tasks using the same resource efficiently.

Best Practices
  • Identify the project. Determine the project for which the Resource and Task Matrix will be made.
  • Determine resources and tasks. Determine the tasks required to complete the project, and what resources will be needed for each.
  • Create the matrix. Create a table with a row for each person or resource involved in the project and a column for each task. Place the names of the people involved in the cells on the far left of the table. Then place descriptions of the tasks in the cells along the top of the table. SmartDraw offers a Resource and Task Matrix template, making its creation fast and easy.
  • Make assignments. Assign specific individuals to their tasks. Choose some symbols to represent the type of responsibility each individual has. Once again, an individual may have primary responsibility, be a team member, or provide additional resources, so a different symbol would be used for each. The symbols should be defined in a key. A particular resource may not have a part in a task, and may also have a part in several tasks.
  • Inform. Distribute or display the finished Resource and Task Matrix to all members of the project team.

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