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Sales Map

Sales Maps are a large category of maps used by sales professionals to help visualize their territories and customer locations. There are several variations of sales maps, such as thematic map and heat map as well.

Sales Maps
Typical Uses

A Sales Map is a particularly useful tool for sales personnel working on figuring out the most effective target area for their product. With the capability to section off an area of the map, and provide a designated color to represent "hot spots", this will become an invaluable part of a marketing team's tools.

Best Practices
  • Identify the region. - Determine what area you will be focusing your map on. SmartDraw offers a customizable Map template powered by Google that will make creating the Sales Map quick and easy.
  • Determine sales area. - Know what areas of your map you wish to make the target marketing areas.
  • Designate amount of sales. - Designate the areas with the most sales with a hot color, and the areas with fewer sales with a cool color. This allows you to focus on particular areas to market your product.
  • Accuracy. - With the ability to highlight regions as broad as entire states, down to individual zip codes, you will be able to create a marketing region of any size with greater accuracy.

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