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Workflow Diagram

A Workflow Diagram is a simple form of Flowchart depicting the flow of tasks or actions from one person or group to another. It typically consists of a set of symbols representing actions or individuals connected by arrows indicating the flow from one to another. Different symbols represent different aspects of the workflow. For example, a process is represented by a rectangle while a diamond is used to depict a decision.

Work Flow Diagram
Typical Uses

Workflow Diagrams provide a general overview of any business process. This is useful for documenting the workflow of that process.

Best Practices
  • Start the diagram. Define the start point of the process or system to be visualized and place it inside a rounded rectangle at the center of the top of the page. Creating the Workflow Diagram can be made quick and easy using the template offered by SmartDraw.
  • Create the process. Place another shape below the start point, connecting them with an arrow to show the flow. Continue this until the entire workflow has been illustrated. In some cases, it may loop back to the start point.
  • Verify accuracy. Consult with all stakeholders to verify accuracy.

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