Building Plan Software

Building plan software is not typically easy to use, requires training and a steep learning curve for most people to become productive—but not SmartDraw. Our site plan software is different, right from the beginning. You start with ready-made building plan templates—not just a blank screen. You then easily can add your own site layout measurements and dimensions to fit your layout vision, and when you are ready SmartDraw's thousands of ready-made symbols and professional themes make your plans come to life, and assure they are ready to present to your clients and co-workers.

Site planning can be done with a variety of manual drawing programs, but SmartDraw is different, since it is automated. Automated site planning software makes it easy for anyone to do. Using building planning software that requires lines to be drawn and connected to make walls, which need to be adjusted every time a change is made is tedious and time-consuming. There is a much better way!

Discover the power of SmartDraw's site plan software. It makes building planning fast and easy. You can try our building plan software FREE with no obligation.