Conference Planning Software

SmartDraw's automated conference planning software allows you to create trade show floor plans, timelines, budgets, schedules, seating charts, and even presentation posters for your next conference or corporate meeting.

If you're planning a small conference, SmartDraw is the perfect solution for laying out conference meeting rooms.

Conference Layout Example

You can even create a plan for a small video conference session.

Video Conference Layout

What makes SmartDraw the best conference planning software?

We're automated, so anyone can easily and quickly create layouts and designs.

Your results always look great! And presentation ready, so you can be confident that your work will look professional to your clients, attendees, co-workers and team members. And, SmartDraw conference planning software comes with ready-made templates and examples to give you ideas and to get you started right away.

Discover the power of visual communication with SmartDraw. Our conference planning software is fast and easy. You can try our conference planning software FREE with no obligation.