Emergency Plan Software

Create emergency plans, escape floorplans, emegency exit location maps in minutes with SmartDraw.
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Emergency Plan Software

When you need to create emergency plans and escape routes showing all of the exit locations in your office building, school, restaurant or facility, SmartDraw is there for you.

Our emergency planning software makes it easy for anyone to create an emergency or evacuation plan, in just minutes, without any experience. We provide all of the templates and examples that you need, so you can get started quickly. You just pick your plan, add the dimensions for your office or facility layout, and then customize it to show your escape routes and exits incase of fire or other emergency.

When you are done, you can easily print your plan or export it to PDF, share it with others online, or send it to Microsoft Office® with a single click, automatically.

And, if you also have a need to create safety signs, posters, handouts and presentations our fire and safety clipart makes it easy. Our emergency plan software comes with thousands of symbols in our extensive library of fire and safety symbols and clipart.

Our emergency plan software is fast and easy. You can try SmartDraw FREE with no obligation.

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