Fault Tree Diagram Software

SmartDraw's fault tree diagram software makes fault tree analysis easier, because our automation helps create your diagrams for you. You start by selecting a fault tree analysis template that includes all the specific symbols you need and then simply input your information. SmartDraw streamlines the process, aligning everything automatically for you. Your fault tree diagrams can be transferred to Microsoft Office® easily, exported as PDF, or even shared online.

What is a fault tree diagram?

A fault tree diagram is used after a system failure to figure out, through deduction, what series of events may have lead to the failure. It's often used by engineers in safety and quality control to help determine the probability of an accident, show reliability or compliance in an engineered system, and optimize and design the system to minimize risks. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is also a diagnostic tool once an accident or problem already occured.

A Basic Fault Tree Diagram

Fault tree diagram software

Fault Tree Symbols

The basic symbols of FTA are: events, gates, and transfers.

There are five different types of events: basic, external, undeveloped, conditioning, and intermediate.

Gates are basically Boolean logic symbols that represent the relationship between events: "or", "and", "exclusive or", "priority and", and "inhibit".

The transfer symbols simply show relationships to related fault trees of subsystems. There are only two types: "in" and "out".

Effective fault tree diagram software should include a library of all of the relevant FTD symbols used in fault tree analysis.

Fault tree diagram symbols

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