Infographic Examples

Infographics let you visualize complex data or information so that it's quick and easy to understand. You can make infographics just like these infographic examples in minutes using SmartDraw!

Infographic Example: Causes of Injury Deaths

This infographic example shows leading causes of injury deaths in the United States in 2010.

Historical Gas Prices

An example infographic that depicts historical gas prices per gallon in the US.

Infographic Example: Most Valuable Sports Teams in 2012

This infographic example shows the world's 10 most valuable sports teams in 2012.

Infographic Example - Unemployment Rates

This infographic example shows unemployment rates in the United States by state.

Infographic Example - Worldwide Sales

An example infographic for a business that shows sales worldwide.

Infographic Example - Best Time to Buy

This infographic example shows you when the best time to buy a product or service is.

Infographic Example - Pairing Wine and Food

This infographic example shows how to pair wine and food.

Infographic Example - Coffee Consumption and Production

An example infographic for coffee consumption and production worldwide.

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