Organizational Chart Examples

There are a variety of ways to structure and present an organization chart. Since no two organizations are alike, it stands to reason that no two org charts are the same. As you decide how to present your structure, you may find it helpful to look at several org chart examples.

Top-Down Org Chart Examples

Here are three examples of org chart structures using a traditional, top-down arrangement.

Org chart examples

Example 1A:
Two-Level Org Chart

Example 1B:
Two-Level Org Chart with Assistant

Example 1C:
Three-Level Org Chart

The top-down format places the manager at the top of a pyramid-shaped chart. Those positions that report to the manager are presented horizontally, on the second row, as shown in Examples 1A and 1B.

In Example 1C, we see that the positions beginning on the third level and below are structured vertically. This format is preferred to continuing with horizontal layers, as it fits better for viewing on a page or screen.

Another consideration is what information to include. The example org chart below includes headshots and phone extensions. It also has hyperlinks in the online version, so that clicking on any of the boxes initiates an email to that person.

Org chart with links

Example 1D:
Top-Down Org Chart with Photos & Contact Information

Inverted Org Chart Examples

Although the top-down, vertical org chart is by far the most common, the first organization charts were inverted. Credit for the creation of the organization chart is given to Daniel McCallum, in 1854. McCallum's org chart was structured like a tree, rather than a pyramid, with management at the bottom. Here are examples of inverted org charts.

Inverted org chart examples

Example 2A:
Inverted Two-Level Org Chart

Example 2B:
Inverted Two-Level Org Chart with Assistant

Example 2C:
Inverted Three-Level Org Chart

Horizontal Org Chart Examples

Used far less frequently is the horizontal organization chart. This places the managerial position at the left side of the chart and moves right, or vice versa. Below are three examples of horizontal org charts presented in left-to-right format.

Horizontal example org chart

Example 3A:
Horizontal Two-Level Org Chart

Example 3B:
Horizontal Two-Level Org Chart with Assistant

Example 3C:
Horizontal Three-Level Org Chart

These can also be reversed so that they move from right to left.

Business Ownership Organization Chart Examples

Organization charts are also a useful way to show business ownership structures or entity relationships. Here's an example of a vertical, top-down org chart that shows the relationship between Zeus Energy Corp and its subsidiary companies.

Business org chart

Example 4A:
Business Ownership Org Chart Top-Down Format

Business ownership structures can also be presented effectively using a horizontal org chart format. In larger and more complex ownership arrangements, the horizontal chart fits better on a page. Notice how the left-to-right pattern makes the flow of information easy to read.

Business ownership org chart

Example 4B:
Business Ownership Org Chart Horizontal Format

Organizational charts show the different positions in a company or organization and then show their direct subordinates. An organization chart can help you make informed decisions about restructuring or growing your company. In larger companies, an organizational chart can aid employees in finding the correct coworker to speak with in a department they're unfamiliar with.

Org Chart Examples Created with SmartDraw

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Organizational Chart Example: School District

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An example of a organization chart that models out the ownership structure of a company.

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