Venn Diagram Examples

Venn diagrams let you visualize relationships between different groups or sets of things. Venn diagrams most often look like overlapping circles where intersections represent things common among the sets. You can make Venn diagrams just like these Venn diagram examples in minutes using SmartDraw!

Venn Diagram Example: Business Goals

This Venn diagram example was used as a strategic planning tool to express current strategies and future goals.

Venn Diagram Example: Management Cycle

An example Venn diagram that shows different parts of the management cycle and how these parts overlap.

Venn Diagram Example: Product Development

This Venn diagram example visualizes various parts of product development to show what's feasible, possible, and useful given a company's business, technology, and customers.

Venn Diagram Example: Comparing Coffee Shops

This Venn diagram example shows different attributes of three coffeeshops to illustrate traits they have in common and traits where they differ.

Venn Diagram Example: Target Market

An example of a Venn diagram that shows potential target markets for a product or company.

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