Watch how SmartDraw compares to Visio

Visio Converter & Import Filter

Convert Visio Files to SmartDraw without Visio

Importing Visio files in SmartDraw is easy. Just click File from the top ribbon bar, and then select Import on the left navigation bar.

SmartDraw will import a single Visio file or let you convert an entire batch of files.

Import single Visio file

And you don't need to have a copy of Visio—SmartDraw will complete the conversion for you.

Select file

SmartDraw's Visio import filter replicates the appearance of the drawing you created, but it will be saved in SmartDraw (.sdr) file format. Your converted Visio drawing will be fully usable and editable in SmartDraw.

Converted Visio file
Try SmartDraw's Visio import feature yourself by downloading the free demo.