Owner of Online Business Directory Creates Sales & Marketing Materials with SmartDraw

Sales and Marketing Materials

Tamie Albrecht is director/business development manager for D-pages.com, an online business directory serving organizations in the United Arab Emirates. She was looking for an easy way to create sales and marketing materials, as well as business forms, proposals, comparison charts, and exhibit plans.

Tamie was familiar with programs like PowerPoint®, MS Word® and Publisher®, but knew they wouldn't give her the flexibility and design capabilities she needed. She searched Google for another program, and found SmartDraw.

Right away, Tamie could see that SmartDraw would make easy work out of her marketing materials and business documents. Unlike other programs that provide users with a blank screen and expect them to draw, with SmartDraw, users select from a template that is specifically designed to create the type of illustration they need. For example, SmartDraw contains dozens of SmartTemplates for forms, comparison chats, and more.

"SmartDraw provides a whole lot of business templates and designs at your fingertips," said Tamie.

For example, SmartDraw includes an extensive library of marketing charts such as feature comparison charts, Venn Diagrams, interrelationship diagrams, pyramid charts, and more. It also includes dozens of form templates for everything from proposal forms, accounting & finance forms, and shipping and receiving.

"The business forms save me heaps of time," said Tamie. "I also love using the planograms to explain how I want our exhibitions to be displayed to our marketing crew."

SmartDraw allows users to select an appropriate template, and then enter in the relevant information. The software does the rest: building the graphic automatically using built-in rules and professional design themes to guarantee polished, presentation-quality results in just a few minutes.

"SmartDraw has enabled me to create professional documents and designs very quickly," said Tamie. "It is so uncomplicated and easy to use that it saves me on average a couple of hours every day."

SmartDraw also features one-click export to popular document types such as PDF and PowerPoint®, making it easy to share SmartDraw creations with others in presentations.

"My business partner was very impressed with my SmartDraw creations," said Tamie. "I would definitely recommend SmartDraw to other business owners."

The biggest benefit of using SmartDraw at her company?

"SmartDraw helps me create great-looking documents that look like they were made by a graphic designer...it's fantastic!"