Recruiting Firm Gets Visual; Wins More Clients with SmartDraw

In the ultra-competitive world of management recruiting it is critical to successfully position your firm as a prospect's best possible choice. For more than twenty years Frank Risalvato has used a number of tools to help get his message across, but none more effectively or faster than SmartDraw.

Inter Regional Executive Search (IRES, Inc.) has brought management level executives and employers together since 1991. Whether a corporation in New York looks to hire a CEO for their London operation, or an Anchorage engineering firm seeks top marketing executives for a new product line, Frank Risalvato and his team make profitable connections that often last for decades.

Communicate Visually for a Competitive Edge

Much has changed since 1987, when Frank first started in the recruiting business, from the types of employees companies need to the technology used to streamline the search process. Competition among executive search firms has been one of the biggest changes, especially during the past year. In recessionary times, there are fewer jobs offered and an intense frenzy of competition to recruit for the few companies that are hiring.

SmartDraw has become IRES' secret weapon in this regard.

"Brand awareness is big in our circles," said Frank of his industry. "Prospects need to know why they should use your services and why a recruiting fee might produce a good return on investment. The more ways you can communicate this and connect with them, the better."

Frank's team has been creating visuals for years to help educate clients and prospects about the company's services, but the results haven't always been as polished as he'd like.

"I came across SmartDraw when they sent me an email. Normally I delete marketing emails, but something caught my eye. I followed a link to and watched a video on making a flowchart and thought, ‘it can't be that easy.' I downloaded the trial version of the software and said, ‘it really IS that easy! This is what I've been looking to do for years—create all kinds of professional looking graphics without having to actually DRAW them!"

"Charts Gone Wild"

Frank bought SmartDraw on a Sunday and did what he calls ‘charts gone wild.'

"I had all these charts visualized in my head but couldn't figure out how to create them efficiently. I was so excited, my wife thought I was nuts. And as for my office manager, I'd been asking her for help with charts for years but they were so tediously time consuming on Word, Excel—and Visio—forget about learning another time-consuming program. We're just too busy for chart and graphic development–just like our clients are too busy to bother with the tedious recruiting process."

SmartDraw was so fast and easy to learn, Frank made "three dead-on perfect charts in less than two hours that are already mandatory attachments in introductory material for all new clients company-wide.

IRES Inc Comparative Matrix

In a few hours, I created a service matrix, a cost comparison chart, and other visuals I've wanted to make for years. The charts easily show how our fees stack up in comparison with the standard internal recruiting cost (using Society for Human Resource Management formulas). I can now show a prospect why our fees are more reasonable than they initially appear when visually compared against total real cost factors, such as time savings, lost revenue, alienating business or customers, and the entire process involved in screening and ultimately selecting a candidate."

IRES SHRM Recruiting Costs

Frank admits that "it sounds like such a simple thing to do: make a chart or communicate your process visually. But you need to know how to do it. The more ways you can communicate and connect with a prospect the better. In our case, prospects can now see that while we aren't necessarily inexpensive, our process works by getting the results desired and we get it done right the first go around. I've never seen anything like SmartDraw. I wish we would have had it years ago."

In addition to owning and operating , Frank is a noted speaker and author in the management recruiting industry. He intends to showcase SmartDraw as an effective means to communicate visually to gain a competitive advantage in his recruiter training workshops and speeches to fellow recruiters.