Telecom Engineer at McKesson Rings SmartDraw for Floor Plans and More

Telecom Engineer at McKesson Rings SmartDraw for Floor Plans and More

Terri Johnson is the telecom engineer for the Golden Valley office of McKesson, one of the nation's leading suppliers of healthcare products, equipment, and related services for physician services, surgery centers, and long-term care. Terri is responsible for telecom requirements including daily maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades and administration of the telephone system and voicemail.

Terri needed an easy way to create floor plans illustrating cube layouts and phone systems. She also needed the ability to add several layers for data and voice jack numbers, user names, extensions and phone types.

Terri had experience using "a very icky version" of IMSI floor plan, but wanted something better. "This program was good to start with...but version after version it became more CAD-like and I could not export to other users. It was also very flaky."

Terri searched the Internet for a better program, and found SmartDraw.

"After I found SmartDraw, I had no need to test any further," said Terri. "Compared to IMSI Floor Plan, SmartDraw is hands-down the better product. It has vastly more capabilities—so much in one program!"

With SmartDraw, Terri found that she was able to quickly create floor plans, office layouts, telecom diagrams, calendars and more. Unlike other graphics programs that provide users with a blank screen and expect them to draw, with SmartDraw, users select from a template that is specifically designed to create the type of illustration they need. For example, SmartDraw contains dozens of SmartTemplates for floor plans, office layouts and more.

After selecting the appropriate template, users simply enter the information and SmartDraw does the rest: building the graphic automatically using built-in rules and professional design themes to guarantee polished, presentation-quality results in just a few minutes.

For example, Terri was able to quickly create a complex floor plan with more than 70 workstations with detailed information about each phone type, extension, and user.

SmartDraw also features one-click export to popular document types such as PDF and PowerPoint®, making it easy to share SmartDraw creations with others.

"I love how I can export my SmartDraw diagrams to Microsoft® applications, which all of our users have," said Terri. "This means that not everyone needs to be in SmartDraw to view the diagrams."

Terri continues to recommend SmartDraw to other users and looks forward to each upgrade.

"I am extremely pleased...I am surprised at how versatile SmartDraw is, and how easy to use!" said Terri. "It saves me about an hour a day."