Ringing SmartDraw for Customer Service Call Diagrams

Busy Signal

California-based OutsourceIT develops solutions to improve process management and workflow. The company specializes in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, which allow live callers to interact with a database of set options and prompts, explained Jeff Lowenstein, CEO.

"I was looking for a flowchart program to help me create a diagram of IVR call flows," said Lowenstein. "I wanted to show all the possible questions and options, from the start of the phone call through the goodbye script."

Lowenstein had used Microsoft Visio® before, but was looking for something less expensive.

"I searched the Internet to see if there was an alternative to the plain, old, tired Visio®, and I found SmartDraw," he said.


After downloading SmartDraw's free trial, Lowenstein was hooked.

"SmartDraw was immediately easy to use," he said. "It's so intuitive, I picked it up right away. There was no need for any training!"

SmartDraw's thousands of symbols and templates, and easy drag-and-drop drawing tools helped Lowenstein create better-looking diagrams even faster than before.

"The diagrams I created were more descriptive and detailed, thanks to the availability of symbols and ready-made libraries," he said.

Creating diagrams for customer service call flows

Off the Hook

After buying several more copies for his company, Lowenstein now uses SmartDraw daily.

"SmartDraw spread like wildfire," he said. "It's to the point where I have team members asking me, 'when do I get SmartDraw?'"

Not only is SmartDraw saving time for his employees, but it is winning praise from clients.

The bottom line?

"We're extremely happy with SmartDraw," said Lowenstein. "We plan to use it on many projects in the future."