SmartDraw Adds Sizzle to Boring PowerPoint® Presentations

Wow-worthy presentations and increased job satisfaction.

Susan Craig works as an executive assistant to the managing director at Parity, an IT recruitment company headquartered in London. Susan was charged with putting together a dynamic and interesting organizational chart, illustrating the company's management structure for a large presentation. Not an easy task, considering the company has more than 500 employees as well as eight offices in England and Northern Ireland.

"I wanted to dazzle our audience...and hopefully be the envy of every other managing director, because their assistants don't turn out such excellent quality," proclaimed Susan.

Susan had used PowerPoint® in the past, but was unhappy with the results, calling it "boring and tired." Susan said, "I find PowerPoint® mundane and dated, very limiting in styles and lacking 'sizzle'."

She wanted to find an easy software program that would help her create a professional looking org chart, suitable for a major presentation. The problem? Susan had no graphic design skill to speak of. "I have no graphic design background whatsoever," said Susan. "But, I have amazing skills at applying eye makeup, and a wardrobe to die for."

Susan knew her wicked sense of fashion would not come to her aid, and decided to search Google for an easy software program. "I searched 'dynamic PowerPoints®' and 'award winning PowerPoint® presentations,' and SmartDraw came up number one."

Susan downloaded SmartDraw's free trial, and purchased in just three days.

"SmartDraw is fun and keeps me interested in learning about all things I can do to add sparkle to the look of what I'm working on," she said. "As a result, this makes me want to master every type of document. I've tried a floor plan, an invitation, and of course, my fantastic organizational chart which looks superb!"

Susan found that SmartDraw has more than 20,000 symbols and SmartTemplates for creating virtually any kind of business graphic quickly and easily. In addition, SmartDraw diagrams can be incorporated into PowerPoint® and other programs with one click.

"I'm completely impressed with the results," said Susan. "In fact, the more I play with it, the more I incorporate graphics into my work, and make up reasons to use it."