Creating Detailed Network Diagrams with SmartDraw

Creating detailed network diagrams

Carl Potter is a Senior ICT Technician at Settle College located in the United Kingdom. He is responsible for the smooth operation of a large network, including 274 desktops and 60 laptops. He's also in charge of managing the information systems for phones and internal/external CCVT. Carl was looking for a fast, easy way to create diagrams to illustrate his entire network.

Although he was familiar with MS Visio®, he thought there might be a better software tool for his needs. He searched Google for SmartDraw, and downloaded the trial version. Right away, he could see that it was far better than the competition.

"The package offered by SmartDraw is a head and shoulder above the rest," said Carl. "It covers an immense variety of design, far greater than any other design packages. I would need two or three different packages to cover the same range if I didn't use SmartDraw."

Carl quickly learned that SmartDraw automates the process of creating network diagrams, flowcharts, and other technical diagrams. Unlike other programs that provide users with a blank screen and expect them to draw, with SmartDraw, users select from a template that is specifically designed to create the type of illustration they need. For example, SmartDraw contains dozens of SmartTemplates for network diagrams. In addition, SmartDraw includes thousands of detailed images of manufacturer-specific devices, including desktops, laptops, routers and more.

"I was absolutely amazed at the scope of what the package was able to do, and loved all the clip art," said Carl.

Create complete network plans

Carl was able to quickly create several documents, including a complete network plan that covers his entire network, a plan for wireless access points, as well as a flowchart that illustrates the progress of a phone call as it travels through the phone system. SmartDraw also features one-click export to MS® documents, as well as PDF, making it easy to share diagrams with others.

"I was very impressed with the results," said Carl. "I love the way SmartDraw seamlessly allows you to convert your design into PDF, Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, or save it as a JPEG."

According to Carl, SmartDraw has been an invaluable tool in network documentation.

"When my diagrams are complete, I'm able to step back and get a complete overview of the network," said Carl. "Helping me understand how it all connected together is absolutely invaluable. It made the job of looking after the network so much easier!"