Vice President, Finance

Russell has been a key member of the Acme management team for nearly eight years. He handles all of the financial dealings for the company.

Much of his time in the past few months has involved the acquisition of ABC Electronics. But today, he and his team will be busy preparing financial reports for Russell's presentation at the board meeting this afternoon.

He's also working on filling a key controller position, so there's much to do. Russell finds SmartDraw an invaluable resource in helping him and his team to stay on top of their many responsibilities.

8:30 AM - Conduct a Staff Meeting


Russell uses SmartDraw to manage his weekly staff meeting. He captures important issues and assigns action items and follow-up responsibility in real time during the meeting.

Finance meeting
See this visual in SmartShare.

At the end of the meeting, Russell instantly shares the action items with the attendees using SmartShare, SmartDraw's cloud service. Each member of the team can view the action item, see the date it is due and update the progress they've made on each item using the web or even on their smart phone.

10:30 AM - Review Resumes for Controller Position


Growth at Acme, both organic and from the ABC Electronics acquisition, have created the need for Russell to hire a full-time controller. Russell and Tracy, the company's HR director, have advertised the position with limited success. They recently turned to a recruiting agency for help.

These combined efforts produced six candidates for consideration. Tracy built a picture portal using a mind map to organize the resumes and shared it with Russell. He opens up the file in his SmartShare account.

See this visual in SmartShare.

Russell reviews the file. Although he was hoping to get Karen in for an interview this week, he sees from Tracy's note that Karen accepted another job offer. He clicks open the resumes for the three candidates who have been scheduled for interviews.

After reviewing them, he saves the revised version of the file in SmartShare. He clicks to notify Tracy and the members of the finance committee, all of whom will be part of the interview process. Everyone can now access and review the candidates' resumes, on their own time, prior to the interview process. Russell has found that using SmartDraw to collaborate in this asynchronous manner has really reduced the number of meetings he has to hold.

Using SmartDraw and SmartShare, Russell and his team have all of the information, notes and internal commentary for this—or any other project—saved in a central place. It's always available to them, no matter where they are. And they don't have to hunt through their email to find project status updates or the commentary feed. It's all right there in the SmartShare file.

1:30 PM - Prepare for the Upcoming Audit

Project chart

Russell is preparing for the upcoming financial audit of Acme by the company's CPA firm. He will set this up as a project file in SmartDraw.

Logging into his SmartShare account, Russell creates an audit team to handle the details of the project. Creating a team will allow him and all of the other team members to send and receive updates and notifications easily.

Next, he opens SmartDraw on his desktop and creates a detailed plan using the Projects template. He begins in the Outline view, adding main items as topics. He then begins breaking these down into smaller components. Here's a portion of his plan:

Next, he switches to Assignment view. All of the data from his outline are here. Now he can begin to add people (or in his case, positions) that will be assigned each area of responsibility. Here's a portion of his project map showing the assignments he's made:

Now, Russell clicks the Project Chart view tab. Again, all of the same data he just input is here, but it's laid out in a Gantt chart format. Here, he can add due dates for each task, make the start of one task dependent upon the completion of another, and even change assignments, if he wants. Here's a partial view of his project chart:

See this visual in SmartShare.

There are also deliverables due the auditors from parts of the organization outside the team. When Russell completes assigning tasks and due dates, both internal and external to the team, he notifies everyone on the audit team in SmartShare.

Making sure everyone is on the same page is crucial for Russell. With SmartDraw and SmartShare, the lines of communication and responsibility are clear and visible. He no longer has that sinking feeling of being unsure about how things are progressing. If something is at risk of falling behind schedule, SmartShare lets him know.

4:00 PM - Presentation to the Board of Directors


Russell uses SmartDraw to update his quarterly board presentation. The visuals were created by him and his team. With a single click, he sends them the to the SmartShare presentation builder. He sequences his charts in steps, so that he can present the data from each slide with more focus on each component, rather than hitting his audience with a deluge of the information at once.

Finance presentation

Instead of worrying about accessing his presentation file from a PC in the conference room, he delivers it from SmartShare using a web browser. All of the outside directors, who are attending remotely via GoToMeetingTM, can also follow the presentation on their computer screens.

After the meeting concludes, Russell shares a copy of his presentation file with all of the board members. Because he has created a Board team in his SmartShare account, he can do this with a single notification. Each board member receives an email with a link to the presentation file.

Russell doesn't have to worry about whether or not every person has a copy of SmartDraw, because they can view and interact with his presentation visuals via a free SmartShare account.

The board members are impressed with the organization and professionalism of Russell and his team and they acknowledge the terrific work he's done.

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