HR Director

As the HR director at Acme Valve Company, Tracy has a busy day ahead. Acme recently acquired another company, and so she is dealing with the many complexities it creates, in addition to her normal duties.

Tracy was introduced to SmartDraw about two years ago. She began using it to produce org charts, at first. But she's seen, first-hand, how it gets used in meetings, projects and other ways throughout the company. Now she uses SmartDraw throughout her day to organize information, stay on top of her various projects, and communicate important information. And with her workload right now, she's very happy that she has it.

8:30 AM - Create an Organization Chart

A few months ago, Acme acquired ABC Electronics. Since the merger, there have been a number of structural changes to blend certain operations and employees of the two companies into a cohesive unit.

Tracy's boss, Russell, has asked her to create a revised organization chart now that the new management structure is in place.

Using SmartDraw, she opens the org chart template and imports a list of the employees' names and positions. SmartDraw automatically creates a box for each person that is filled with their name and position, as well as a place for a photo. Tracy drags each person's box into the proper place. Within a few minutes she has a perfectly formatted org chart.

She saves the file and shares it with everyone in the company via SmartShare. Each employee can now view it in a web browser or even on their mobile device. Anytime she updates the org chart and saves it, the shared copy is automatically updated. So Tracy knows that whenever anyone opens the shared org chart file, they're viewing the most current version. And since she shared it with "read-only" rights, no one can make unauthorized changes to the file.

See this visual in SmartShare.

10:30 AM - Update the Benefits Portal

Mind Map

Tracy has put together an attractive set of benefits for the company employees, including health insurance, dental, vision, and a 401K plan. This month she is adding a flex plan that allows employees to set aside a fixed amount each year for additional medical expenses and child care.

Earlier, Tracy created a benefits portal using SmartDraw. The employees love it, because they can use it to navigate to a number of websites, forms and documents for virtually any company benefit.

To create it, Tracy started by opening a Simple Mind Map. In the hub, she provided a link to a document describing an overview of Acme's benefits programs. Around the hub, she added a shape for each major category, such as medical, dental, vision, etc.

Each of these categories offers two links. One is to a description of that benefit and a second takes the employee to the enrollment page. Tracy saved the file on SmartShare and sent notifications to every eligible employee. Many of them don't have copies of SmartDraw, but they can still access this file through a free SmartShare account. It will be fully functional, so when they click on a link or attachment, they can retrieve the benefits information that Tracy has provided.

Today she needs to add a new category for the flexible spending plan. She opens her copy of the SmartDraw document containing the benefits portal and adds the flex plan. She attaches a PDF document that describes the plan and a link to the enrollment page on the provider's web site.

See this visual in SmartShare.

As she saves the file on her computer, the copy on SmartShare is automatically updated, too. At the same time, each person in the company is notified via email that a change to the benefits portal has been made. By clicking on the email link they can view the file, attachments and links.

Since she created her benefits portal, Tracy estimates that the number of questions she receives regarding benefits has been cut in half.

1:00 PM - Give a Presentation to New Employees


After lunch, Tracy is giving a short orientation presentation to three new employees. Her presentation includes a slide that shows the benefits portal, which now needs updating. She opens her SmartDraw file. With just a couple of click, she and updates the benefits portal slide with her newly created version. She can build the slide deck in PowerPoint or directly in SmartShare.

Tracy chooses to build it in SmartShare. This is so that she can present it from the web browser in the conference room. She finds it's much easier to this than to try and access a PowerPoint file on the company file server or, worse yet, carry her laptop around. Her presentation is a success and one of the new hires asks for a copy. She quickly shares it with all of them. Now they can view it from their desktop, iPad or even their phone.

See this presentation in SmartShare.

Since Tracy has been using SmartDraw to create her presentations, she gets compliments on how good they look. And using SmartShare to deliver them is so much easier than lugging around her laptop.

3:00 PM - Manage a Termination

Project chart

Tomorrow, Billy, the plant manager in Fort Worth, is going terminate one of his employees. There is a standard set of steps that must be carried out in every termination. To ensure that this is carried out correctly each time it happens, Tracy has used SmartDraw to create a standard project file called "Termination Steps." It includes links to all of the various forms (COBRA, EDD, etc.) that are required to be completed and maintained in the company's file.

She opens this file and saves a copy under the name of the person to be terminated and the date. She then assigns all of the steps to Billy in the assignment view of the project. Next she uses the Notify button so that Billy will receive a list of tasks in his Actions folder.

See this visual in SmartShare.

Billy is notified of this by email, and his personal list of actions in SmartShare lists all of the steps he must complete, in the correct order. Tomorrow, as he completes each one, he will mark them as complete and Tracy will have a record that things have been handled correctly. In the future, should she need to access any of the records, she takes comfort knowing they will all be documented in her SmartDraw file and automatically backed up on the SmartShare cloud service.

Since she began using SmartDraw to track standard operations like this, errors by managers have dropped to almost zero and she spends much less time fixing problems. She also feels much better about the risk exposure of the company.

4:00 PM - Create a job description

When Acme acquired ABC Electronics, it added a new line of electronics manufacturing processes. Electronic components are crucial to the production of Acme's new E3 valve. With this part of the business expanding, it's time to create a job description for each of the key roles at the Dayton facility. She's beginning with the plant manager, Pat.

Over the past few weeks, Pat has been working to document the new electronics division's production processes. All Acme processes are documented using SmartDraw flowcharts that are linked together. Any process can be found by drilling down from one master production process, using a technique called Visual Process Management (VPM). All of the linked flowcharts are shared with the entire company using SmartShare.

Tracy accesses the newly created VPM collection for the Dayton electronics plant. She opens the master process chart and goes to the first section that starts the process of stepping through Pat's duties and responsibilities.

See this visual in SmartShare.

Click to see actual VPM collections for a printing company and an insurance company.

She clicks on the various links and begins to get an understanding of the major components of Pat's job. After spending a few minutes looking through it, she is able to create a job description outline for Pat's position. She attaches the document to Pat's VPM flowchart then sends notifications to Pat and Miguel, the VP of operations, for their review and completion of the document.


Since Acme's process documentation is easily accessible from SmartShare, instead of lying on a shelf in a binder, employees really use it. Plus, it's always up to date since changes are published instantly.

Another benefit of process documentation is that on-boarding of new hires is a much simpler and smoother process. In fact, several of the company's managers have told Tracy that what used to take them a week's time in training and administrative time has been reduced to as little as one day with SmartDraw VPM.

As a busy executive, Tracy appreciates how SmartDraw removes so much redundancy from her job, as well as the jobs of so many other people in the company.

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