Lean Methodology Diagrams and Templates

Lean - Value Stream Mapping Example Value Stream Mapping
Lean - Root Cause Diagram Example Root Cause Diagram
Lean - Kanban Example Kanban Board

Implementing a Lean strategy requires clear, concise thinking. This is best accomplished using fast, automated SmartDraw visuals.

What is Lean?

Simply put, it's placing an organization's focus on two things: maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. Lean is a proven strategy for manufacturing, services, healthcare, government, and many other types of organizations.

Visuals Used in Lean

Here are some of the diagrams and templates included in SmartDraw that are useful in Lean Methodology.

Lean - PDCA Cycle

Lean - Value Stream Mapping
Lean - Spaghetti Diagram Example
The PDCA Cycle is a four-step iterative process focused on a continuous improvement cycle of the organization's products and services.
The Value Stream Map is used to analyze and design the flow of processes needed to bring the product or service to the customer.
A Spaghetti Diagram allows a critical analysis of the movement of material or people within the workspace. The goal is to eliminate transit waste.
Lean - Kanban Board Example

Lean - Process Map Example
Lean - Root Cause Diagram
The Kanban Board is a simple, yet powerful tool. It allows users to focus on fewer, more important tasks. It limits work in process and quickly identifies process bottlenecks.
The Process Map is a visual way to identify who performs what over time to complete a process. It is a powerful way to identify activities that do or do not add value.
The Root Cause Diagram is useful for brainstorming sessions. It allows users to drill down to identify where problems are occurring.

You'll also find these Lean Method visuals included in SmartDraw:

  • Continuous Improvement Slide
  • A3 Thinking
  • Logs: Walkabouts, Red Tag
  • 5 S
  • 5 W's

SmartDraw Can Help You Get Lean

SmartDraw offers a complete line of services. From creating a specific diagram to helping your company to develop and implement a Lean initiative, our experts are here to help. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • "We'll Draw It for You" - let one of our experts build your SmartDraw diagram for you.
  • Development of a Lean methodology or Agile project management—we can provide expertise to help you get your initiative launched quickly and effectively.
  • Documenting existing processes—our professionals can help you map critical processes in smart, visual formats that are favored by regulators, auditors, investors and others.
  • Developing process improvement or change strategies—we can help you find ways to eliminate waste, streamline operations, improve quality and consistency.

To find out more, visit our SmartDraw Services page by clicking here.

*Full Lean support is available only in the Enterprise Edition of SmartDraw

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