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Web Site Map

A website map is a diagram that shows what pages are connected to other pages and literally allows you to map out your website. Others who visit your website will know where to go to find what they are looking for.

Web Site Map
Typical Uses

It is best to use on a website that has a lot of branches from each of its web pages. If a website only has 2 or 3 links a website map is overkill. However, with a more complicated site a map can be extremely helpful in allowing others to navigate it.

Best Practices
  • Choose a website. Decide what website you will be making your website map for.
  • Begin your map. Use the name of the home page, or create one for i t and place it inside a rectangle at the top and center of your page.
  • Add pages. Draw a vertical line down from the first rectangle. Attach it to a horizontal line beneath. Add rectangles in a horizontal line beneath the line and place the name of all the webpages that can be reached from the home page. Then connect those rectangles to the line.
  • Continue adding pages. Draw a vertical line beneath each of the rectangles you just created. Place more rectangles with more page names vertically next to the line and connect them. Continue to add more and more connecting links until your entire webpage is mapped out.
  • Post your map. Put your map on your webpage if you wish for visitors to have easy access to it or simply store it in your own files so that your company can keep it as a resource, use it to add to the site later, or show to new employees.

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